Dinner in 5-10 minutes!! Quick & Easy Recipes!

*Most recipes here only take 5 to 10 minutes to prepare!
*Remember, you can cut down on these prep times by precooking your meat at a convenient time (Haha! O.K. so I guess you'll have to sacrifice some more sleep at night to do so, but it saves on dinner prep time) and freeze it until you need to use it. Cooking a bunch of meat in one round when you first buy it saves valuable time and cuts down tons of time on dinner prep throughout the week.  We still precook our meat so we have it readily available in the freezer to add to recipes in these forms:
* Chicken (shredded or chopped/cubed & spiced according to desired flavor -- chicken is great to cook in a slow cooker until it falls apart and practically shreds itself).
* Ground Beef/Turkey (cooked and stored in 1 lb. bags so we can easily add it to a recipe, some taco seasoned meat ready to pull out for tacos, and occasionally we'd freeze some as meatballs).

**See also "Our Survival Meal Plan" (for more of our quick dinner ideas and time-saving tips for cooking/grocery shopping/meal prep) by clicking here: Time Saving Tips From Our Survival Days with Four Children Under Four and scrolling down to about mid-page. Best wishes, and remember to keep breathing deeply! :)

Over 100 recipes, some take too long for families with newborn twins, but most at this website are quick and easy.   **Once again, remember you can cut down on your dinner prep time if you precook your meats at night (when you have a little more time) and freeze them.

Over 30 possible combinations for quick dinners

30 recipes -- most of these are desserts, but a few are dinners

10 recipes -- once again, many desserts but a couple dinners

When you go to this link, it will show the recipes in a google search format, so that’s kind of odd, but just click on any that interest you and it will bring up the recipe. I love crock-pots because, with recipes like these, it only takes about five minutes to throw everything in (I usually do this during the twins mid-day nap) and then you can forget about it while it cooks until dinner time. Nice!

30 recipes --some in this search are mislabeled as "quick", but most of them are 5-10 minute prep.

These are categorized into prep time: 5 minutes, 10 min., 15 minutes, etc.

These recipes are labeled as easy, but many are too time-consuming for this time in your life. Still, there were enough quick recipes in her list that it was worth including (like the pizzas and some of the others that were mostly combining ingredients).

Over 100 meals with various prep times. Not too many are labeled as 5-10 minutes meals, but they can become such by using precooked meat and pre-chopped veggies.

Most of these are 10-15 minute prep, although I had to skip past a few with 20 minute prep time and a couple with 1 hr. hands-on time (Yikes! That's not going to happen with newborn twins.).

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